What is Prevention?

Prevention is a strategic approach that promotes
connections and healthy lifestyle choices.

While there is no universal definition, prevention can be defined in many ways. For the Northeast Prevention Coalition, we provide information and education about the risks of substance use and the ways in which we can promote connections. And, above all, we support healthy life choices for all. Our goal is that community members can lead full and productive lives.

Prevention in the Community

Family Dinner Night

CatCH Summer Program

Produced by a group of middle school youth enrolled in the Catamount Community Hours (CatCH) summer program, this public service announcement was made possible by a grant from the Northeast Kingdom Prevention Center of Excellence. The goal was to promote the protective factor of community involvement and connection, so that alternatives like drugs and alcohol seem totally upside down.

Are you already
practicing prevention?

Here are some activities you may already be engaging in:

Eating together as a family
5 nights a week.

Talking to each other about the risks of alcohol and other substance use.

Asking your children where they’re going and who they’ll be with.

Encouraging them to have hobbies and to participate in activities that are substance free.

The deep dive into prevention.

The Northeast Prevention Coalition, along with other like-minded organizations, uses these models as we shape and develop programs within our communities. We invite you to learn more about how you can use these prevention strategies as an individual, within your relationships, and within your own organizations and community.

Seven Strategies
for Community Change

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Vermont Prevention Model

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Do you want to bring prevention into your family life?