Who We Are

We’re Northeast Kingdom communities in support of healthy choices.

The Northeast Prevention Coalition (NPC) represents Northeast Kingdom communities in support of healthy choices. We are dedicated to preventing substance use, misuse and abuse for all ages, with a specific focus on youth, using a variety of strategic interventions.

The coalition uses the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency’s (SAMHSA’s) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) as a comprehensive guide to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention practices and programs. Community Coalitions have been known to be effective in building community capacity to bring about population level change. Their success is dependent on all sectors of the community becoming involved. NPC consists of 60+ members, including representation of the 12 sectors, and typically meets monthly.

Meetings are held at the Agency of Human Services conference room within the Vermont Department of Health in St. Johnsbury Vermont.

Our History

In 2000, in response to the widespread concern about drug use in the greater St. Johnsbury (VT) area, a community grass roots group formed the Drug Abuse Resistance Team (DART). Its purpose was to develop a compassionate and comprehensive response to community members who use and misuse alcohol and other drugs, and a like response to their families, friends, and neighbors. DART established three sub-committees, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, and Intervention.

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    In 2016, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) received a Regional Prevention Partnerships Grant (RPP), also known as Partnerships for Success, from the Vermont Department of Health (VDH), Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) now known as the Vermont Division of Substance Use (DSU). The goal of the RPP was to reduce adolescent and young adult substance abuse while increasing the capacity of the state and local communities to provide prevention services over a five-year period (2015-2020). Moreover, the RPP aimed to reduce underage and binge drinking (ages 12-20), prescription drug misuse/abuse (ages 12-25), and marijuana consumption (ages 12-25). To direct the program, NVRH hired, in August 2016, a coordinator with extensive experience in managing federal, state and local grants (including a DFC); the Strategic Prevention Framework; capacity building; and coalition development. In addition, in 2016, the Prevention Committee of DART evolved into the Northeast Prevention Coalition (NPC), representing all 12 sectors of the communities in Caledonia and southern Essex Counties. Utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), NPC works to increase regional and community collaboration/capacity in an effort to support healthy choices and to reduce substance abuse among youth.

    Our Mission

    We come together to support prevention and promote education for youth, as well as all ages, concerning substance use, misuse, and abuse.

    Our Vision

    Northeast Kingdom communities in support of healthy choices.

    Who we Serve

    Bloomfield, Brunswick, Concord, East Haven, Granby, Guildhall, Lunenburg, Maidstone, Victory, Barnet, Burke, Danville, Groton, Hardwick, Kirby, Lyndon, Newark, Peacham, Ryegate, Sheffield, St. Johnsbury, Stannard, Sutton, Walden, Waterford, Wheelock

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